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  Please note our abridged terms and conditions for publishing stories:
  • the story must have been written by a child below the age of 14,
  • it must be original (copyright is yours),
  • you retain the copyright, but grant us permission to use it,
  • stories must be 20 to 1000 words long,
  • stories must be appropriate for children below the age of 14.
Some story ideas can be found here.
  We now request that all stories for publication in Harry's library are submitted by email.

All stories will be assessed for publication suitability by a qualified teacher. We suggest that you first assess your story yourself, using our automated checktext facility.

We will let you know if your story is published, or if we think it needs some changes making first.

Please copy and paste your story into an email (please don't use an attachment), and send it to me using this link. Please include the following:
  • Story title
  • Child's name
  • Child's age

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