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  The subscription site offers:
  • Three more online story themes for interactive writing:
    1. woodland adventure
    2. space adventure
    3. enchanted journey
  • Plus an online booklet containing story writing tips for children, that can be downloaded and printed out
    (20 pages in total).
For individuals (families) the subscription cost is 20 U.K. pounds for one year - payment by credit card (to MidlandIT), using PayPal:

Automatic registration (immediate access).

Schools and other communities, with multiple users, are welcome and charged at a fee of
100 U.K. pounds for one year.

More details on registration for schools are available here.
  Personal tutoring on your child's story writing (available for all users):

  • individual feedback on your child's story at 15 U.K. pounds per story.
Click here for an example.

Pay and submit your story using the button below:

Publication of stories submitted for feedback in the storywrite library usually follows.

If you have any questions about
these services please email them here.


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