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If there is sufficient interest, we will continue to provide free to use resoures and intend to develop the site further. Some developments to be included are listed on the opposite page.

If you would like to make suggestions, or offer help then - please provide your details here. Please note, this is a address as our web site is written and hosted by them.

All donations will go to the running costs of the web site, and to finance further developments.

Intended developments:
  • More story themes for interactive writing:
    1. underwater adventure
    2. magic button adventure
    3. seaside adventure

  • Enhanced assessment of grammar and style strengths and weaknesses , including a report on how a child performs, in relation to the average for the age.
  • Grammar and style reports for separate ages:
    1. 7 to 8 years
    2. 8 to 9 years
    3. 9 to 10 years
    4. 10 to 11 years

  • Further on-line booklets containing story writing tips for children, that can be downloaded and printed out.


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