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About Kate Holdich (the person behind the story write website!)

I started out as a primary school teacher and taught for around eight years in three different primary schools. This website evolved from research I carried out for a PhD I undertook at Loughborough University, UK. My son was struggling with writing at the time and I was keen to find an effective way of helping him. He loved using a computer and was keen on wizards and wizardry. So, with help on the programming side of things from my PhD supervisor Professor Paul Chung and my husband Richard, HARRY was born!

Having found out so much about the skills involved in children's story writing over the three years of my PhD, I was keen to share what I had learned from research with others via a website. Bridging research to practice then became a passion! Consequently, working for the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE I have researched and created a large number of evidence-based resources on all aspects of teaching on behalf of the Department of Education and other organisations. I have also been involved in other research projects in different aspects of the curriculum carried out on behalf of various government agencies and helped large numbers of teachers to carry out and write up research projects they have carried out in their own classrooms.

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