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  Older writers constantly and randomly switch between thinking about plot ideas, good words to use, improving sentences and punctuation, etc. as they write a story.   Harry, the writing wizard can show you how to write a good story. He will remind you of all the things you need to think about.
  Children tend to concentrate on developing a chain of events. They don't usually juggle other thoughts in story writing, such as thinking of better words because they find it hard to switch their thinking.   He can only help you write a good story if you read his suggestions and do what he says! Click on Harry, or here, to start writing a story.
  With Harry, the story writing wizard, you can explain to your child how to juggle thinking about different words to use, sentence constructions, story structure, descriptions, characters and plot ideas as they write.

See our video tutorial on using Harry

See our video tutorial on using Harry

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