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  A story writing diagnostic tool, designed for analysing the writing of 7 to 11 year olds. Diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses in children's story writing can indicate which structures have been mastered and are in use and which require further practice.   The computer wizard can check your text for you. The wizard will check if the story is detailed enough, has a good variety of words, different sentence styles and accurate punctuation.

Just click on me to check your text.

Watch a video of how to use the tool.
  Try one of Harry's stories to see it work:
there are three stories, one for each book below, and they represent three different abilities - you will need to copy and paste a story into the text checking page that follows. click here for story one to be used in checktext click here for story two to be used in checktext click here for story three to be used in checktext

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