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  Click on the paper title opposite to read the abstract, which contains a link to the journal paper at the publishers web site:   Holdich, C.E. Holdich, R.G. and Chung, P.W.H. (2002) Assessing aspects of children's written grammar: automating the process. Computers and Education (39) 37-50

Holdich C.E. and Chung P.W.H. (2003) A 'computer tutor' to assist children develop their narrative writing skills: conferencing with HARRY. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (59) 631-669

Holdich C.E., Chung P.W.H. and Holdich R.G. (2004) Improving children's written grammar and style: revising and editing with HARRY. Computers and Education (42) 1-23

The doctoral thesis, story composition and process analysis using a computer tool based system, is available in pdf form from core.ac.uk the open access academic repository based in the UK.

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