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These are great pages. Kids love them.
Morna - Teacher

The site really looks like a very useful tool for teachers trying to raise the standards of writing in their class.

Hey Kate this is just what I need to help my son with his creative writing.

Thank you I found this site extremely useful
Timbo age 12

I have been searching the internet for tips and guidance that we could offer to the children to help them and came across your website. So much of the information that is available is geared to adults so it was fantastic to find something written specifically for children.

Dear Kate
I came across your site quite by chance while searching Google for some creative writing tips for children's story writing...I think it's a fantastic site and am planning to use it extensively for a short-story writing activity that I plan to do with my class in the Spring term.

I came across your site whilst doing some research on the internet. I have a 9 year old son who is very bright & articulate but is struggling in literacy classes because basically writing down his thoughts / ideas is, by his interpretation, boring and his work is suffering as a consequence. Your site has given me some initial ideas on how to develop his interest and I am very interested in the subscription site.
Thanks & regards,

I am a primary school teacher and love the idea of giving my class the opportunity to word-process and publish their stories online and your site seems a very easy way to do it. I think your project is ace: very well done!

I am a teacher and am interested in your site as it is offering something slightly more creative than usual.

I am very interested in this site. I have two sons, ages 12 and 13. I know the older one is capable of writing creatively because when he was in elementary school, he did it. But now that he is homeschooled, I have trouble getting him to apply himself in that area to his full potential. The 12 year old tries to take the easy way out of school work. He just wants to get it done. I think this site makes writing more exciting.
Thank you,

Great site. Very concise and easy to use.

I am a teacher and I think this is a useful resource for shared writing.

It is a super site! It's straightforward, and easy to use.

Dear Kate
I have been using your site to collect some useful material and tips in creative writing for my 10 year old son, who is about to sit his 11+ exam for entry to Grammar School. Creative writing is not one of his strengths and I was looking for a site which would offer learning by interaction, prompting correct use of words, grammar, spelling etc. I think your site is ideal for my son to subscribe to. He would be able to make a huge improvement in his English skills.
Many thanks

Hi Kate
I have just come across your website from a message on the 11+ forum. It's brilliant!
Although I am looking at 11+ examinations I have no idea whether this is the right or wrong thing for my son, a 9 year old who is bright but unmotivated at his primary school. He has a diagnosis for dyslexia and extremely bright from a private Educational Psychologist but the school think his may be adhd because he doesn't stay focused on easy to achieve 5 minute tasks.
He reads (and speaks) well advanced of his age (well above their scale limits - probably 2 years or more) but he hates writing and its very messy and he puts everything in a few sentences to get it done quickly. Although he is capable of writing and spelling OK he finds the physical writing gets in the way of his good ideas and would prefer to tell a story rather than write it.
The school has concentrated on his reading with a bit of extra help but have ignored the recommendation of using a computer for his writing and have never helped him when he gets stuck in a "I don't know what to write" mode - apart from punishing him for not doing it.
I am going to encourage my son to use the site and really feel that this may help unlock his block.
Kind regards

Dear Kate
I am very interested in subscribing for my son who has difficulty with his creative writing, this is a fantastic resource and provides him with the scaffolding he needs in order to get his ideas down.

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