Hello. My name is Harry. I am here to help you write a story. I will help you in several ways. You will find I ask lots of questions! I hope these will remind you to put in everything a good story needs. If you would like me to suggest ideas to write about, or if you are stuck for a good word to use, or a way to write your next sentence, then click on the 'help' buttons and I'll do my best to think of something to help you!

We will write a story a section at a time. When you think you've about written everything you need to include in a section, then click on the 'Check' button just to make sure! Clicking on the 'What Next?' button will take you to the next section of your story. If you ever want to go back and read a section again or change something you wrote earlier - that's no problem... just use the arrow keys to get you to the right place.
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