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  An interesting story will contain several events.

A strong exciting plot centres on an unexpected event, a crisis, or a problem, which needs to be sorted out by the end of a story. Stories can contain more than one problem. Plans could go wrong:
  • There could be an accident.
  • Someone or something could get lost.
  • A machine could break down.
  • Something important could get stolen.
Descriptive sentences of different lengths can create suspense:

  Suspense or mystery is created by
building up to events slowly.

Don't just write: The monster attacked.

Hint at the attack by, for example, using speech:

A very hairy monster slid amongst the trees, hid behind a bush and watched hungrily. The monster growled.
"What was that?" asked Christopher in a very scared voice.
"Probably just the wind," replied Luke.
"No, it sounded like a lion's roar," said Christopher anxiously.
"Listen and see if you can hear it". The monster growled again and this time Luke heard it.
"That noise?" he asked.
"Yes!" replied Christopher. Next moment the monster leaped from behind a bush and started to attack.

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