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Story openings
  Always try to make the opening of a story interesting or exciting for the reader (Don't start with One day - that's boring!)

There are three different ways to start a story:

Dialogue: "Sharks!" shouted the ship's look out, "hundreds of them!"
"They seem to be heading our way," cried the Bo'sun.

Action: An ear splitting whistle made all the pirates leap to attention. At once they ran in different directions, bumping into one another, scrambling over untidy piles of ropes and tarpaulin, sliding down rickety ladders, all trying to be the first in the queue for lunch.
  Description: The sea glistened like a sparkling, silver mirror. Waves lapped gently at the sides of the Saucy Sue as she sailed silently along in the cool, refreshing breeze, her Jolly Roger flag fluttering limply. Seagulls circled overhead, calling to each other. No-one would guess what terrible adventure lay ahead for Captain Peg-Leg and his crew of daring pirates.

Take a look at the openings of some of your favourite stories to see how the authors started their stories.

Try different ways of starting a story, then use the one you like the best.

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