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Harry the Writing Wizard's recipe for writing a story.

  The writing process

Encourage your child to revise and improve upon their ideas, words, sentence styles and types as they write their story. Keep in mind the themes of: opening, characters, settings, events and an ending - mentioned opposite. The interactive story writing pages are designed to encourage children to develop these themes in the context of a their chosen story theme. Suggestions are made for appropriate words and possible events. Please help your child read and think about these suggestions as she/he goes through the different pages.

It is better to wait until your child has finished their story before asking him/her to correct spelling and grammar mistakes.

To begin: Click here! Or for more explanatory details Click just here instead.
An opening that makes you want to carry on reading,
Characters you feel you know really well,
Settings you can really picture,
Exciting and unexpected events which keep you on the edge of your seat,
An ending which explains how everything is sorted out.

Start with an entertaining opening (choose between action, description, dialogue). Mix speech with exciting action . Stir in different kinds of sentences. Use what the characters say to develop the plot. Sprinkle with tasty descriptions, peppered with adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors etc. Garnish with a really good ending. Add correct punctuation and spelling. Serve or publish! Harry can help you to follow this writing recipe.
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