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Subscription site for schools and other groups

We do welcome use of the interactive story facilities by schools and other groups, and all the advantages of the subscription site for individuals are available for schools (or other multiple users) at a cost of UK 100 pounds for one year's subscription providing (for multiple users from one site):
  • Three more online story themes for interactive writing:
    1. woodland adventure
    2. space adventure
    3. enchanted journey

  • Online booklet containing story writing tips for children, that can be downloaded and printed out
    (20 pages in total).
We do provide a 'proof of purchase' receipt for schools, groups, etc. detailing the purchase to go with the PayPal receipt. It does take a few days to set up the school access. If you wish to register, and pay, for your school please use the PayPal link below.

Or take part in my new research project and obtain the above for free!

If you have any questions - please email me.

The payment by credit card, using PayPal, will be made to MidlandIT.

After payment, you will be taken to the web page with further details.

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